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Risk of too low mortgage financing

Risk with suspiciously cheap mortgages As it is colloquially called, the interest rates on real estate financing since the beginning of 2013 in a long-lasting historical low. It is therefore more than tempting to consider exchanging the monthly rental payment in the high three-digit euro area against mortgage lending with interest and repayment. Construction money […]

Credit insurance at Direct bank and branch bank

Difference in credit between direct bank and branch bank There are clear differences between direct banks and branch banks in terms of lending rates, but also for the services available to loan seekers. This observation is hardly surprising, as consumers expect better interest rates from online banks and better advice when borrowing from a branch […]

Modernization loan: Cheap to finance the maintenance

Residential Loan – The cheap installment loan for real estate owners A residential loan is often a cheaper alternative for real estate owners to the classic installment loan. He is basically nothing else, but the property serves as security. As a modernization loan, it is primarily intended for investments such as repair work, modernization, embellishment […]

How real estate financing will succeed in the future

As a financial advisor, we regularly deal with real estate financing. Due to falling interest rates, it is still advisable to invest money in a property. Who plans this for his own future, should learn as quickly as possible, whether a loan can be applied for. This can be used for the construction, conversion or […]

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