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Bad Credit Loans: A Loan You Can Afford

Are you looking for a bad credit loan with fair interest and urgent 24h promise? Then you are in the right place at GreenDay! Make your loan request with us and we will compare for you the best loans. Any credit comparison for an instant loan is always free and non-binding, which means you decide […]

Beware: new fast small installment credits can be expensive

Fast loans can be expensive New instant loans can be expensive! The processing of applications for classic bank loans takes time. To accelerate this is basically not wrong. Individual options such as the video identification service instead of the postident procedure are also used by larger financial institutions and are advantageous for the customer who […]

Find Affordable Senior Credit

Senior Credit – Financial Independence in Old Age Senior loans or loans for retirees are loans that are specifically designed for borrowers in advanced age. It used to be hard for older credit seekers to get credit. Many banks avoided the increased default risk of borrowers. Today, however, banks have also identified seniors as a […]

Recalculate Real Estate Credit – Prepayment Penalty

Who wants to get out of the real estate loan, often pays way too much – that should change now! Whether as an inflation-proof pension, long-term lucrative investment or speculative project: the purchase of residential real estate is back in line with low interest rates and unattractive alternatives for investments. In sought-after locations, the real […]

Roll-over credit, P2P and microcredit – what is it?

Over the years, there may be situations in both the private and professional environments where borrowing is necessary. The savings are not enough for the upcoming issue, which in turn can not be deferred. In doing so, every loan seeker stumbles across technical terms, such as roll-over credit or P2P credit. But nobody knows, without […]

Take credit abroad: opportunity or risk?

People taking credit abroad have very different motives for doing so. Apart from the commercial sector, where such operations take place more frequently, private consumers can also borrow abroad to finance a property abroad or domestically. The topic was very interesting before the lowering of eibank key interest rates and the subsequent decline in German […]

Money from bank – small business / start-up lending

Bank loan as small business owner / entrepreneur Often, small business owners or start-up entrepreneurs have difficulty getting loans from banks to make the necessary investments. With these tips you increase your chances to get enough money for more growth and profit. However, it is important that you think carefully about which investment you need […]

Wooden house financing: opportunities, risks, reports

Chances for a successful wooden house financing For the financing or the loan of a wooden house there are stricter conditions than for loans related to a stone house. The stricter rules are explained in part by the fact that wooden houses in Germany are built much less frequently than in Scandinavia or in parts […]

Consumer Credit Facts in Retail

The washing machine is defective and must be replaced, the old computer is no longer hot, so that a powerful device is needed, and the chic TV would be in the living room certainly a visual highlight. Anyone who can pay for such new purchases from existing reserves need not worry about consumer credit and […]

Trend Online Degree in Credit and Insurance

Loans are taken for a variety of purposes, such as a construction loan, renovation loan, car loan or as a loan with a low sum to bridge a financial bottleneck. More and more people are making loans online, which has the advantage that the loan is available faster and the borrower saves the way to […]

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