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Modernization loan: Cheap to finance the maintenance

Residential Loan – The cheap installment loan for real estate owners

Residential Loan - The cheap installment loan for real estate owners

A residential loan is often a cheaper alternative for real estate owners to the classic installment loan. He is basically nothing else, but the property serves as security. As a modernization loan, it is primarily intended for investments such as repair work, modernization, embellishment and energetic refurbishment of one’s own home. In addition, a residential loan can replace more expensive loans. In order to remain flexible and to be able to react to all eventualities of life, housing loans are available, for example to finance the construction of a new carport, a new kitchen or the necessary repair of the heating system.

What brings you a home loan

  • Cheap installment loan for real estate owners
  • Property serves as collateral for the lender
  • Applicable for renovation and modernization measures
  • Can replace existing expensive loans

In order to be able to apply for a low-interest residential loan, you only need to prove your ownership with a copy of the property tax statement or the land register extract. This eliminates the costly Grundschuldeintrag the Land Registry, including notary fees. However, there are big differences in price and performance between the providers. Compare worthwhile with the simple and individual home loan comparison of financial experts!

Best credit comparison for residential loans and modernization loans

Best credit comparison for residential loans and modernization loans

We look for the right offer for you with potential banks and show you transparently and independently all the advantages and disadvantages of individual providers. At the same time, our competent consultants will be at your side from the very beginning with their many years of experience. If you would like to inform yourself in advance, use our online credit comparison for your residential loan or modernization loan. Request your personal offer today or arrange a free and non-binding appointment via our online contact form. The trained staff of financial experts are happy to personally on site or by phone for you!

For which modernization such a loan can be used

The residential loan is often used for the modernization or structural redesign of your living space such. As baths, kitchen, living room, etc. used, but also carports and terraces are popular application reasons. As the name implies, this modernization loan is mainly used for conversion and extension work or renovation work. The completion of a newly built property is unfortunately excluded in many banks, but we also have appropriate loan conditions for such cases. We can discuss these in detail after a credit inquiry with you. Statistically, a residential loan is most often awarded with credit sums between € 10,000 and € 30,000, which is of course only indicative, because modernization loans have become very popular today with sums of up to € 50,000. If you are looking for a loan for your photovoltaic system, we have special energy loans for which the financing can be directly adjusted to the investment costs.