aha OTT Crime Thrills: Dive into the Best Crime Movies for a Thrilling Ride 

Telugu cinema is experiencing an exciting transformation. Move over, spectacular dance sequences and daring feats of strength. Put the old masala flicks behind you. Tollywood of today is developing a strong concoction of suspense and careful storytelling.

Additionally, it features crafty criminals that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Prepare to delve into crime thriller movies Telugu murky underbelly. This is where the distinction between justice and retaliation becomes hazy and sharp minds collide.

But don’t know where to start? We can help! In this blog we will be discussing top crime thriller movies Telugu that you will love!

  1. Breathe

This is a Telugu crime thriller film. It’s directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella. The main lead roles are played by Nandamuri Chaitanya Krishna and Vaidika Senjaliya. Mark K Robin composed the music.

A round of golf that looks harmless turns deadly when the Chief Minister passes out on the course. Under suspicion, he is hurried to the hospital. Following this, the diligent Abhi takes the initiative. Along with his intelligent but unconventional professor, they set out on a time-limited race. In order to save the Chief Minister before it’s too late, this will untangle a web of political intrigue. Will Abhi and his improbable ally reveal the secret hand directing the attacks?

  1. Hidimbha

The release of this Telugu film was in 2023. It was directed by Aneel Kanneganti and is classified as a psychological action thriller.

A shadow falls over the busy metropolis of Hyderabad as young women disappear. Adhya, a committed police officer tasked with solving the mystery, enters the picture. She’s not alone, though. Abhay, a brave police officer and her ex-lover, is by her side. When they dig further, a disturbing pattern becomes apparent. One thing unites all of the victims: a red dress. Adhya’s investigation takes a personal turn when she unearths a troubling link to her own past. The Hidimba holds the solution. In order to find the missing girls and bring them home, will Adhya and Abhay have to face a terrifying evil and overcome their past?

  1. The Great Indian Suicide 

Hemanth is the protagonist of the story. Along with his companion, he is an orphan who runs a charming coffee shop. His fondness for Chaitra, who provides his establishment with cookies, blossoms.

After being rejected by Chaitra at first, Hemanth considers going out of town to heal his heart. But just before he leaves, Chaitra reveals an astonishing fact. She is running out of time, and her family is about to commit suicide as a whole. This finding sets off a sequence of events that reveal a puzzling and unsettling situation within her family that resembles a cult.

Prepare to be mesmerized! 

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